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Open letters

The following open letters have been published by Kjell-Roger Holmström.

This page is available in Swedish here.

The hidden agenda in the Swedish Pentecostal movement

Published 2020-05-27.

”If we want to be part of a denomination, it must be led as the Bible teaches and that is by an apostle. 2 Cor 12:12 says ”I persevered in demonstrating among you the marks of a true apostle, including signs, wonders and miracles”. Today, there are a number of apostles within the Pentecostal movement in Sweden and it is time for them to step forward and take over and once again acquire.”

Since 2016, the Pentecostal Alliance of Independent Churches in Sweden (“Pentecostal movement”) has been led by Daniel Alm. A leader who, with the ”hot side”, encourages the establishment of new churches, baptism in the spirit and charismatic elements. He motivates and encourages church leaders, especially the younger ones, to step out and flourish. The problem is that Daniel Alm also has a ”cold side” that acts and stands for something completely different. He does not mention this agenda when he meets representatives of the Pentecostal movement to hold the various meetings. These are all questions he does not want to be addressed at the larger meetings, but they are handled in the hidden, by those who share this agenda. The members of our Pentecostal churches in Sweden know even less.



Open letter regarding Pope Francis’ visit to Sweden in October 2016

Published 2016-09-28.

”The Commemoration on October 31 is arranged by Lutheran World Federation and the Vatican. Local hosts are the Swedish Lutheran Church together with the Catholic church in Sweden and the Swedish Christian Council” The Catholic Diocese of Stockholm

The Christian Council of Sweden (CCS) has been active since 1992 and includes these member churches from the Swedish free church family:
– Evangelical Free Church in Sweden
– Salvation Army
– Equmenia
– The Pentecostal Movement
– The Swedish Alliance Mission
– Vineyard Norden

Personally, I have my roots within the Pentecostal movement, with an intermediate period of about four years in the Faith movement. It is with deep sadness I see that my leader’s leaders in a hidden way, and not in the public light, open up for the delusion of the Catholic church. It makes me surprised, disappointed and gives a feeling of being betrayed. Because CCS is involved in the hosting of the Pope’s visit to Sweden, I wish first of all, every free church denomination to leave CCS. If not, that your and my church leaves the Christian denomination that we operate in and become independent, from which then we can create new Bible faithful constellations together.



The reason why we leave Word of Life

Published 2014-02-01.

We see that there are two versions of Word of Life that differ essentially. One Word of Life from the 80s and 90s – the way it was from the beginning in 1983 and up until Ulf and Birgitta Ekman decided to move to Israel. From their return back to Sweden and until today a completely different Word of Life has been formed – and its expiry date is well passed. Word of Life of the 80s and 90s was the reason why we became members of the church a number of years ago. That includes the faith, the values and the foundations that we believed the church still clung to.

In an open letter dated December 6th 2013 we wrote to the missions department of Word of Life, explaining that we could no longer support the church’s missions work. The response we have received since then has been incredible; e-mails, phone calls and meetings with people who have asked us to meet them for a talk about this. From the support and the information we have received from these dear people we have decided that we will not only stop supporting the church’s missions work financially. We can no longer be members of the church. We have been members of Word of Life for a fairly short period of time, some four years, but we have partaken its teaching for a much longer time.

“To us it has always been about a relationship with Jesus – through life and into eternity. Catholicism, however, is a religion that is about Jesus, Mary, rituals, traditions, church fathers and so many other things.” Kjell-Roger and Carina Holmström



Open letter to the missions department of Word of Life

Published 2013-12-05.

Word of Life’s hidden agenda
This letter is criticizing the hidden agenda that Word of Life has had for a number of years, with clear elements and influences drawn from the Catholic faith. This new approach is in total contradiction to the Word of Life stance during the 1980s and 90s. The letter was published initially before Ulf Ekman announced his conversion to the Catholic church in March 2014.

The letter also mentions, among others, Peter Halldorf who has also been one of the major driving forces in the wave of Catholic influences that has swept in over the Swedish christianity.

The letter also expresses gratitude for the sound faith teaching that characterized the Word of Life, its sister churches and ultimately Christianity at large in the Nordic countries in the 1980s and 90s.

“Focusing on unity creates separation, but focusing on the harvest creates unity.” Lewi Pethrus



One year later

Published 2013-12-03 on Leonid Padun’s blog.

The Bible stipulates that ”a matter must be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses. (Deuteronomy 19:15).” During the same time as my letter was published, where I made clear, and highlighted, the Catholic influence within Word of Life, one of the previous Word of Life pastors, namely Leonid Padun from Ukraine, published a letter.

The reader should be able to determine that there is not only one voice, but many, and therefore his letter is published here s well. The letter is dated the same week as ours, but they have published completely independently without knowledge of each other.

”I sincerely urge all Christians to peace, mutual forgiveness, respect and friendship, to fellowship and sharing God’s ministry.” Leonid Padun